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This is where we set YOUR Vibe!

    We always bring a few books of my entire song listings for your guests to browse through and make special requests and dedications from. We try to stay on top of the ever-expanding number of songs that come out every month, but I am not able to get EVERYTHING ever recorded. Please feel free to ask about specific song selections that will be a MUST at your event.

     One thing people tend to overlook when it comes to writing a play list of songs that they would like to have played at their function, is supplying me a list of songs that NEED to be played and at what time to be played, BUT more importantly, a list of songs that WILL NOT be played. The last thing you want is to have a song play that is either inappropriate or is emotionally tied to someone that may lead to hurt feelings. For example, most people would not want to hear a song at their wedding that was played a few months ago at a loved-ones funeral.

      Your event is a time for celebration. So let us help you put together a show that will be remembered for years to come!!!