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Better late than never...right? Hello...
Thursday, 6 January 2011
What a difference a decade makes!

Well, I'm now in my 11th year of business. Just thinking back to when I started this journey and I can't help but laugh at some of the stuff I've done and marvel at the accomplishments. Way back, I was doing this on the side as a hobby, in the midst of drumming almost every weekend with the bands I was in and working a full time job. As the drummer, I was usually the first one at the gigs to get my drum rig set up so that the other musicians could set up their equipment around me. Running wires, mic's, sound gear, etc., then do a sound check. When time came, we'd play our sets and tear the roof off with our show. After it was all done, we'd start tearing our gear down and left me to be the last to finish. While I made good money at it, I put in a lot of time to help make things go right, and usually made anywhere from $75-$110 a night. Not bad for a working musician around here. Then it hit me!

I could spend less time setting up, tearing down, waiting for the other players, sweat less and make 4-6 times more as being the DJ for gigs. AND, ALL the funds came home; no dividing between the other musicians. While I did LOVE playing on stage, I still have a big hand in rigging the sound gear together, playing what the audience wants to hear and have just as much fun.

So, starting out in my new venture, was me, 2 boom-box CD players, a mixer, a couple hundred CD's and some chincy lights. You know, the kind you find at RadioShack and Spencers?! As time went on and the gigs came around, I invested the money back into upgrading my equipment. From gradual step to the next, the gear, experience and gigs got better and better. That's where I laugh. VERY entry level gear with home-made cases, etc.

Throughout the years, I've spent over $15K in my system, music library, industry classes, education, marketing and so forth to stay on top of things. I now run a system including two upper cabs, two sub cabs, 3000watts of power, a multi-functioning mixer, other electronic units to smooth & built the sound quality, two different styles of trussing for my lighting, L.E.D. light fixtures versus the old halogen ones (hot), custom cables for everything, DJ booth/facade, 6x's the music library (and growing), and now getting into the 'uplighting' features. And of course, the gigs have become better and so have my rates.

I now consult and communicate with hundreds of DJ's across the world and I am always learning something new. I've also dove into social media networking to spread the word of my business and also work with another DJ friend for the bigger school events that require a big production. But wait, there's more.

This year, 2011, is going to be the year that catapults my business into what I've been dreaming of. I'm looking to invest another $15-20K aquiring more sound gear, more lighting, more trussing, more marketing material, flat-screens and other 'add-on' specialties to really give an edge over the competition and for the clients to be a party of something over the top.

A big Thank You goes to my wife, family & friends for their encouragement and support. I believe having a strong, solid base to work from is what all great companies need to survive. I think soon, as the business grows, and I keep thinking out side of the box to promote my services to, not only the wedding industry, but to local companies, venues and other vendors, my wife will be able to help me with this as a full time job as well. She is great with people and looking for outside possibilities, too.

When my wife and I attend a concert at one of our favorite venues, The BOK, we not only have a great time enjoying the show, but we're also checking out the rigging. How bad is THAT!?! Dozens of lights, speakers, amps, mixers, cables, trussing, hoists, lasers, etc. Now I see why tickets cost what they do. Most pro-bands have about 2Mill worth of sound and light fixtures that are required to make a show A SHOW!!! I've seen what another DJ company based out of Florida does for the big BIG school events and I'm leaning towards wanting to do something along those lines. If you get the chance, check out BoomEntertainment! Mind blowing what some schools will do for their students...

Posted by jasoncaseymobildj at 6:32 PM EST
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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hey. Feels like I've finally peeked through the crack of a boulder and seen daylight for the first time. I kept reading/hearing about this 'blogging' thing. I really don't know what it's all about...yet. I guess its' like a journal. Am I right? Well, as most can tell by visiting my site, music is my passion. And more recently, helping couples with their wedding plans has become a main dish in what I offer in my service. I mean, I've been in front of crowds of people since grade school, performing as a musician. I liked the attention I got (most of the time), but I loved seeing people have a good time listening to music. Over the years in school, I've went from playing in concert bands, jazz bands, drum corps; playing various instruments: trombone, alto-tenor-baritone saxophones, trumpet, french horn, clarinet & oboe (for a week), bass guitar, keyboard, etc. Then there's the percussion section, my favorite. Bass drum in marching band, snare line in drum corps (off season), drum major, drum set, tympani, xylophone, marimbas, just a mass of different percussion pieces, including a Foster's Lager beer can filled with popcorn seeds as a shaker!

Well, there's my start in the blogosphere...

Posted by jasoncaseymobildj at 9:51 PM EST
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