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Price Quotes

     Now, I am not the BEST DJ in the world. If I was, I'd be traveling the world along side with

DJ Tiesto, riding to gigs in limosines or spinning with Jay-Z or Linkin Park, etc. and charging you between $5,000 - $15,000 just to show up to your event and spin some music!! I have, however, built this company from the ground up. I went from playing drums in bands all across the Tulsa area to spinning at private parties. Equipment back then was minimal, almost embarrasing, BUT my passion for entertaining was strong. Years later, a near-fatal car accident and hundreds of gigs executed with great success, the service you receive, the sound quality and the friendship that we build is one for the books! You won't see a "Dancing chicken on the frying pan", but you will feel accomplished when you see your family and friends having a great time!


     When you hire Jason Casey Productions as the entertainment for your event, you get so much more than what you're paying for! Charge for the 'Play-time' of entertainment ONLY. No charge for the hours of prep work at home or office, the numerous phone calls, meetings and e-mails that may be needed to get everything coordinated perfectly; all consultations are FREE! The average prep time for an event, including the performance for a four hour show, usually runs around between 20-40 hours of total time that is invested. And when you hire me, YOU GET ME, not an associate or someone else whom you may have never met. YOUR EVENT IS PERSONAL, and so is my service to you.


    I have two (2) types of contracts that we service and the prices are as follows:


Party Entertainment package:

        This package includes: four hours of contunual play time, "Professional" sound system to fit your size of event, wired or wireless mics for MC'ing, announcements, etc., and my entire music library on hand, music/song list books for guests to make requests from. 


Wedding Reception package(s):


        Complete music library with a 'Basic' sound system, DJ/MC

        No lighting or special effects (No Frills), 3 Hrs. of continuous music.




        Complete music library with a 'Full' sound system, DJ/MC

        Small lighting package (dance lights), 4 Hrs. of continuous music.




        Complete music library with a "Full" sound system, DJ/MC  

        10' Truss system with various Dance, Strobe & Laser lights

        Fog machine available (where permitted), 4Hrs. of continuous music.




         Small sound system, music, wireless mic(s), DJ.



         Up to 12 lighting fixtures w/ GOLD or PLATINUM package.


                              Ask me about my MarchMadness Promo!!!!


        A retainer fee of $150.00 is required to secure a date.

        All dates are booked on a 'first- come, first served' basis. 

        ***Don't forget to ask about our 'referral' program!***

        ***Your Wedding Package could end up being FREE!!!***